Development of safety technology and
processing installations for hazardous substances

Patent DE 4310862C2: Method for sorting of batteries – design, construction and operation; for NQR GmbH,


Patent EP0668362A1: Method and installation for continuous thermal mercury removal – planning, design and operation for NQR GmbH,


Trial system – design, construction and commissioning; for UTM GmbH


Development of a container for transport of mercury conforming to the ADR/IMDG regulations – it is now
standard for transport of the hazardous substance mercury
e.g. at BASF, Solvay, Bayer, and Degussa

Industrial system – design, construction and commissioning; for UTM GmbH


Patent EP 1617130 A1 Equipment for drainage of a pressure vessel – design,
construction and operation; for UTM GmbH


Collaboration in workgroup 2 of the Bundesministeriums für Verkehr, Bau und
Stadtentwicklung (BMVBS, Federal ministry for traffic, construction and urban development) – approved technical rules ATR D1/10 (new ATR D 01/2016) – development, design and construction of pressure vessels for recovery purposes 2007-2017

Patent EP 276282 A1 – Equipment for disposal of explosives:
Detonation chamber for destruction of warfare materials with a net explosive mass of up to 500 kg TNT (equivalent).
Design, construction and trial operation at the Munitionsräumdienst
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (ammunitions clearing services of the German county Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).

Design, construction and commissioning of a multi-tiered cleaning column for mercury

Patent application for EP process for stabilisation of explosives

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